In this episode, we speak with Ken Cook, President of EWG and Caroline Hadfield, President of Pipette, which is EWG verified, to find out what every brand needs to know about EWG and its surprising beginnings.  

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You know if you ask people to solve a problem who have a technical background, they will solve it. In the past the problem was, we want it cheap and we want a lot of it…when you added “we want it clean, we want it safe.. then the inventors will say, OK, why didn’t you tell me?”.

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Skip to: 04:05 So from the very beginning, our approach has been, let’s see how we can reduce human exposure, either through policy steps or increasingly, how we can help people do it on their own and help companies respond to this consumer interest in having purer products, whether it’s food, personal care, cleaning products in the home, or what have you.

Skip to: 7:22 We published a sunscreen guide…as we started looking at ingredients we realized some of them didn’t seem safe to us.”

Skip to: 8:18 Because that’s something that we get asked about a lot. What does it take to get EWG Verified? What does it actually mean? I think it’s an interesting way that you’re bridging that consumer awareness to products that have a Seal Certification.

Skip to: 15:50 We felt we really needed to step out and look at putting a black list of ingredients together.

Skip to: 19:28 And the one category that just came out loud and clear that needed real validation of regulating the ingredients and safety, safety, safety, was the baby market.

Skip to: 20:07 I think that has amplified people’s need and want to have a range that really has got that validation. So we really went about creating formulas, again that the bar was being set extremely high, banning the same two thousand ingredients.

Skip to: 24:52 You know if you ask people to solve a problem, who have a technical and scientific background they will solve it. And in the past the problem was, we wanted cheap and we want a lot of it. The ingredients that went into personal care. When you added ‘we wanted clean, we want it safe’ we wanted to meet EWG criteria, whatever [safe standard], then the inventors will say, “Ok, why don’t you tell me?” and the other factor.

Skip to: 27:57 And then, you know the other ingredient in all this is the ingredient of transparency, we’re telling you what is in the product and when you combine transparency and health, that’s our equation for clean.

Skip to: 31:59 I think we’re really just at the start of, in these sectors, reinventing the way the economy works, reinventing the way ingredients are sourced, you mentioned earlier people are asking ingredient manufacturers now and I know you get to question, what do you need to do to get a good rating from EWG? This never occurred to us, that this would be happening.

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