David Tyrrell, one of the foremost experts on cosmetic consumer trends at Mintel, shares critical insights and trends about the new directions Gen Z and Millennial consumers are going and how brands can meet their demands.

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I think it’s important that brands go forth and lead in whatever environmental areas they believe in and they see as important, but the consumer is going to keep checking off more and more boxes as more…ecological alarms keep sprouting up”

Skip to: 06:23 What are some trends you’re seeing that provide insights into how consumers learn? What’s unique about the millennial and Gen Z consumer?

Skip to: 08:33 Consumers are demanding more safety because a lack of trust of multiple brands they believe have a history of being unsafe or the perception of they have not been safe…there’s a lot of misinformation unfortunately, which can go viral very quickly on social media..

Skip to: 09:57 One of the others is performance and, as you mentioned, reviews, as a key driver of the success. So it’s not only that you have to be safe, you have to deliver on it’s effective promise

[The term natural] resonates with the consumer, but it needs a little bit more umph now”.

Skip to: 14:30 I’d love to hear your perspective on the term “natural” and how you see it transitioning moving forward in the industry

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