Is Your CBD Clean?

The Future of Clean Team  November 1    2 min read  

Scientists now believe there are over 100 different cannabinoids that can be derived from the hemp plant. The medical and therapeutic benefits of CBD are still being researched in clinical studies, and the regulatory environment across countries and even states within countries varies. Still, the number of new CBD products has grown by over a hundred and thirty percent according to Mintel and about 1/4 of Americans have tried a CBD product. The CBD market is expected to reach a CAGR of over 32% by 2025. How brands plan their CBD sourcing strategy to meet the needs of the clean consumer is more important than ever.

In our recent episode of the Future of Clean Beauty podcast, we spoke with Sunil Chandran, SVP of Research and Development at Amyris, an emerging producer of CBD, to address this critical challenge in the industry: how to ensure CBD meets the transparency, safety, sustainability and performance standards of the clean consumer. Below, we outline some key quotes from the episode which you can download on itunes, spotify, and google play.

Why Amyris is Positioned to Produce Clean CBD

“A big chunk of the biological Pathway to produce CBD actually relies on terpene production. So, all our experience from the last decade or so… helps us a lot in accelerating the timeline to commercialize CBD and bring it out to the market, at the lowest cost and at the highest purity."

When People Think of CBD, They Think Natural.

“The CBD we produce {via fermentation] will be identical to what you find in a plant except it won’t have any of the bad actors you have to purify away if you produce from a plant, whereas with fermentation we’re providing exactly the molecule the consumer demands."

“From our process, we make sure the end product is always the same, at a purity that is extremely high, without sacrificing on cost.”

A Clean CBD Framework

"[The first question is] Do you know where your CBD”s coming from? Do you know how it was purified? Do you know what’s in it? Do you know what’s not in it? There are a lot of Bad actors that you sometimes get when you're purifying out of a plant. Are you sure that your molecule, your product doesn't have it in and did it use a sustainable purification process? Is the entire process renewable? So those are all questions I think we should be we plan to be absolutely upfront about."

How to Promote Clean CBD

"In closing, you need to a make sure that the product is pure. Make sure it's cost effective so that it doesn't become a prohibitively expensive to access it. But I think, you know, the sky's the limit right now in this space and requires someone to actually provide the right blend of molecules at the right price point.”

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