The beauty industry remains a major contributor of C02 emissions and plastic waste. We continue to rely upon non-renewable ingredient sources. Safety standards differ across regions.

Yet technology and formulation improvements mean we no longer need to compromise the planet, performance or cost.

So it's up to us - cosmetic chemists, supply chain managers, brand marketers, industry analysts and taste makers - to live up to the promise of clean beauty. Through peer-led knowledge exchange, the Future of Clean's goal is to better define “clean” and empower brands with the science, technology, and innovation expertise to make this "clean" reality happen faster.

The term "Clean Beauty" isn't just a phrase, it's actually the way forward, a movement representing values we all believe in like sustainability, safety, transparency, and performance.

At Aprinnova we believe sustainability and performance should be available to all, without any obligation or conflict of interest. We're here to promote real change. When our industry as a whole becomes cleaner, we can literally touch more lives than almost any other.

We invite you to explore the Future of Clean topics, contribute to or suggest new conversations, or simply tune in about the innovation to come.