Probiotics, Popups, and Performance

The Future of Clean Team  October 10    4 min read  

Millennial and Gen Z consumers increasingly see skincare as an extension of their health care. They evaluate all aspects of products and ingredients from packaging to brand mission and reward brands that meet their clean criteria.

So this week, Podcast host John Toner spoke with David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst at Mintel, on the topic of how brands can best reach these new consumers.

The conversation took a closer technical review of ingredients as well as marketing strategies to answer questions like: what's the difference between "pre", "pro", and "post" biotics and do they resonate with consumers? Are genderless products relevant? Where do millennial women gather information about products? What's unique about the Gen Z and Millennial consumer journey?

[Listen to the full episode here]

Throughout the conversation key themes emerged:

1. Gen Z and millennial consumers are fully digital: hear key insights into effective marketing strategies CMOs can consider going into 2020

2. Health care and skin care are converging: learn about key ingredients consumers are becoming aware of and the nuances of communicating claims to consumers

3. Evolving issues like climate change will affect purchasing: brands need to undertand the outlook for new products with genuine claims in a world of eco-alarms

4. "Natural" needs more umph: learn about the nuances of the term "natural" to meet consumer demands

Enjoy the episode and use our ask an expert section to request answers to topics you care about most.

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